Friday, October 2, 2015

Random Thoughts

When you get on an escalator, do you just step on the first step and stop, or take a couple steps and then stop (assuming you're not going to walk the whole thing)?

At what point do I ditch kid plates, cups, utensils? I'm so over the disaster that is the cabinet filled with colorful plastic.

How do you pronounce "syrup:" seer-up or sir-up?

A friend and I had an idea that would revolutionize missionary work for the Church. Find out what accents certain countries love (e.g., Americans love British accents). Then over-sample British hopeful missionaries to serve in the U.S. Brilliant, right?

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when I walk Rhett to school, walk Ollie to school, walk to pick up Ollie, walk to pick up Rhett, I add an additional TWO miles to my exercise total for the day. TWO MILES.

UGH. After a month or so of our east coast drought (which is nothing compared to west coast drought), we are making up for lost time. Rain rain rain all weekend and into next week too. Now I not only have to worry about my basement flooding, but the Scamp flooding too (not that the latter is a rational fear, mind you).


  1. You will, however, have to take the pillow covers out to wash them! Darn!!! Nothing is ever a "perfect" solution.

  2. The missionary accent idea is brilliant. Who in the world helped you come up with that?


    Couple steps up the escalator then stop.

    That's a lot of miles! Again, so admirable, you in all your movement.

    Plastics. Ugh. At what point do I stop worrying about plastics and heat and just dump all the plastic in the dishwasher instead of hand washing them? I say you grow out of it when the # of "real" plates broken drops to 1 per quarter.

    Finally. I miss you. :)

  3. 1. I think I take a couple of steps. But I take an escalator like once a year . . . if I'm lucky. So I'm not totally sure on this one . . .

    2. Whenever you are ready to risk broken plates. How about buying cheap, but not-plastic, ware?

    3. Sir-up. Who would ever think to say it the other way?!

    4. Hahaha, I love it!

    5. Awesome. That's got to equal like . . . 1/4 of a donut, right?

    6. Weather is such a fickle thing.

    You're funny.

  4. Ha ha......Sir-up........

    Love British accents, send them on over, although I'm already "converted" I'll have them to dinner!