Monday, April 18, 2016

Give Me a Mom Patch: Host a Child's Birthday Party

I realize that we're a bit late to this game, and still haven't managed to actually let other kids in the house during a birthday party. Following my sister's example, we plan on doing "friend" parties every four years. So we celebrated with friends when he turned four, and now that he's eight, we had to do it again.

He wanted a camping theme, and as we have most of the stuff for it, (and we love camping) we said YES! He invited five friends and all were able to make it. As I'm a little wary of posting pictures of other people's kids on my blog with no permission, I'm only showing the ones with my kids only. But believe me, we had six 7- and 8-year olds and Ollie. They were all adorable.

The kids made their own trail mix...

...decorated wood slice necklaces...

...shot bows and arrows (the PVC bows worked out great, the arrows could use an improved design)...

Ollie may have pouted a bit.

We also roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.

Not pictured was the fishing, wherein the boys cast a fishing pole into a baby pool full of 20 goldfish. Only six goldfish survived. (See above about seven little boys.) We also had sleeping bag races, which were a bit harder than you'd think. Finally, we ate Oreo pie for dessert. Good thing because it was HOT.

Was it hard (ahem) for us? Of course. Chuck and I think two hours would have been much better than our three. But we survived. Good thing we have four years to recover!


  1. Um, that party looked AWESOME. seriously, you guys rocked it. yes, 3 hours is a bit much - but now you know. :) everything looked super great - i love the trail mix bags (super cute idea), the necklaces, bow and arrows, tent set up, etc., etc.

    the goldfish thing really makes me laugh. miles would have been trying to save all those fishes . . .

    what a fun birthday for a fun boy.

  2. Looks awesome! I always say we will do parties every so many years, but we all enjoy it so much that it has been every year.

  3. This is so cute!!!!!!!! I love the bags!

  4. AWESOME party!!!! Friend parties are always nice to check off the list.