Monday, April 11, 2016

Solo Parenting

A friend recently told me that she likes to see me and my family because we're always together. Of course this isn't 100% true, and she knows that. But really, we're not that big of a family and our kids aren't yet involved in a bunch of outside activities, so we are together a lot. Grocery trips, walks around the neighborhood, whatever. It's all four of us!

Want to know why? Because neither Chuck nor I likes to be left alone with the kids. In that unusual way, having kids brought us closer together. So when one of us has to travel, it's hard. Because it's usually me that travels alone, it doesn't affect me (ha). This time, however, Chuck got a turn to solo travel. This week he's visiting his parents in (mostly) sunny, (mostly) warm Arizona, I'm at home with the boys in cold, snowy (if just for three minutes) Maryland.

If the boys weren't constantly fighting, it would be no problem. But they just can't keep their bodies apart. And if their bodies are together, it's poking, pinching, punching and then tears. It's incredibly frustrating. Thank goodness I'm pretty good at ignoring it. Plus dinners of pancake tacos, frozen pizzas, ward BBQs, are pretty easy and crowd pleasing.

But still. I'd rather Chuck be here.


  1. Just a few more days. . . you can do it! What spiffy boys you've got. They clean up well. :) When did Ollie get his suit? Super cute.

    At least the boys are at school day - so less fighting!

  2. That photo is as cute as it can be! If you're complaining, I'd have used a different photo (ha!). Mom & Dad

  3. I have such a hard time being home w the kids alone when Collin travels. I really hate it. I've never ever traveled without them but I will be--this September!! I'm coming to PA for my cousins wedding with just the new babe. Collin will be with them AND we have to find people to help w taking Freddie to school and watching them during the day while he works. Crazy getting older. But I'll be in PA at the Phily temple. Can I somehow see you? I'll email you too in case you don't get this.

  4. I think in contrast people wonder who I'm with when Preston is with me. It's SO rare. Sad, but true!! Somehow we all manage and make it work.