Wednesday, August 7, 2013

When the Kids are Away, the Mom Will...

Due to some recent staffing changes at work, I've been asked if I ever see myself returning to full-time work. I put on my fanciest work voice, smooth my hair and clothes, and say, "DUH. Are you crazy?!" Do you know how they reply? "But what about when the boys are in school? You might get bored."

Bored?! BORED?!

Let's remember that I work two days a week. And maybe, just maybe, I'll pick up one more day from home. That leaves only two days. Already I have them so planned I don't know how I'll fit it all in. Here's the list I have so far for everything I want to do when the boys are at school (in no particular order):

Grocery shopping
Volunteer in the schools
Prep meals
Clean the house
Lunch with friends
Church calling stuff
Exercise (bike, swim, run)
Other: _________________ (Please tell me what I'm missing)

I mean, do they expect me to do the laundry on my family's time? I don't think so. And if I work full-time and Chuck works full-time, when are we doing the grocery shopping? The house cleaning? I just don't understand this. Plus, there's the whole, "I want to be home when they get home from school" thing, even if it is only three days a week. Full-time work is for the birds, I tell you (and them, but maybe they get it in a more professional delivery).


  1. It's like when I thought I'd have all this time when I graduated, or got pregnant, or had the baby... how do I still have these illusions/delusions that the next phase will be less busy? Even now I think that I will suddenly be crafty and involved in M's school and do more and more service, and have more time for lunch dates with friends once I finish my dissertation. No. You're right, the days without kids fill up just as quickly - if not more so - as the days with kids around/at home.

  2. yep, there is still a family and home to be maintained - even if kids aren't home all day. duh. :)

  3. agreed. "babysitting" is just a SMALL part of SAHM "work" isn't it? i'm about there....emery will be in kindergarten in 2 years........and what will i do???? i GUARANTEE there will NOT be time to be bored.

  4. totally agree. i would add nap, read a book, watch some hgtv ;) plenty of ways to keep yourself busy!