Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tuckahoe State Park Triathlon

As mentioned, we picked Tuckahoe and this particular weekend because they had this super cool "triathlon." I think I mentioned that it was a two-mile run (on that fun fitness trail, but no, I didn't stop to do the rings), a ten-mile bike, and then a one-mile paddle. It was so fun! Except when it was boring.

Turns out biking is super boring (for me, obviously). I usually listen to podcasts while running, but I don't do it during races. But man, I could have used something during the bike. I was so bored that I started counting lines in the road. But then they turned to double yellow and I was back to bored. Clearly I just don't bike enough. I know the theory behind race running and I know my pace. But only have done a handful of non-kid bike rides this year, left me very bad at this. Ha. So even though I finished the run in the about 12th place, I stopped counting the number of people who passed me while biking. Clearly I should have kept counting as it would have given me something to do.

But even through that, it was still super fun. Only about 100 people participated and the state park did a great job organizing. I love a well-run race!

Riding away. I had no idea of the boredom to come.

The finish line was in the water. Pretty cool.

My big buddy and me. Next time (you know, after I can psych myself out for handling the ticks) it's Chuck's turn! Or, we wait until the boys are a little older and we enter two doubles teams.


  1. Looks fun!!! Minus that boring stuff! I bet Jeff would have fun doing something like this. Do they do it every year?

  2. What a totally fun race! I mean, except for the bike ride. So funny that you were so bored. Why didn't you listen to your music? Did I miss that?

    Um, cute work-out pants. Where did you get them?

  3. Go YOU!!! I won't tell anyone here that you said biking is boring...but sometimes I hear ya. ;)