Monday, October 17, 2016


When Rhett turned eight earlier this spring, he joined the Cub Scouts at church. Not being a boy and not remembering my brothers' experiences with this, it was all new to me. Unfortunately, they break for summer so it wasn't until just a couple of weeks ago that I think I finally got it. And guess what? I kinda love it. I almost wish I could do it and get all the cool patches. I do love patches, remember.

More importantly, Rhett is enjoying it. Like me, he didn't really get it at first. But now that he does, he likes it! In fact, when his den meeting was cancelled last week, he was actually bummed. We're working on things as a family and he's getting things done with his den.

But really, I should have expected that I'd like it, right? It's about doing fun things and then (the best part, really) crossing them off. Seriously perfection.


  1. haha, you totally cursed yourself - you will be called as a den leader someday! but, then again, as you love doing fun things and crossing them off - it might be perfect for you. :)

    glad that rhett likes it!

    P.S. So are you putting up Rhett's transcript of his infamous talk last Sunday? Like maybe tomorrow's post?!

  2. Axton is super excited to start in January!