Monday, October 24, 2016

Family Home Evening

I recently realized that our family doesn't have fun together very often. Sure, we can laugh at times and enjoy each other's company, but really have fun? All four of us? It's rare. Does it not happen because we're four different individuals with four ideas of what fun is? Does it not happen because there's little room in the day? Does it happen because the parents are tired? Yes, yes, and yes.

To remedy this, I decided that Family Home Evening (FHE) needed a revamp. We needed less lesson and more activity. Not that our lessons were long (maybe read a story from the Friend) but apparently that was too long. So we've changed it. Now we read one scripture and talk briefly about it. Of course this takes longer than expected because some members of the family have a hard time sitting still for even one scripture. But once that's done, we go directly to the fun activity.

So what fun activities are we doing? We've played tennis (that was a hit so we did it twice), taken bike rides, gone fishing (Ollie was NOT excited but changed his mind at the end), played games, and uh, that's about it. Like I said, this was recent. And, of course, we have dessert. It's not changing our lives, but at least, for an hour or so each Monday evening, we have fun together.


  1. Actually, I think it is changing your lives, perhaps imperceptibly, but yet changing! Ultimately, Rhett and Ollie will remember!

  2. Sounds pretty perfect! How did you play tennis together? Ben and I went last week and the kids came, of course. Ben and I had fun playing - until the boys wanted to join us. :) They just aren't that good and so it was sort of painful playing with them. :)

  3. We are trying to be more fun and less lesson-y too!