Friday, November 4, 2016

Halloween Candy Data

Every year I ask myself, "How much candy do we need for Halloween?" And every year I can never remember. But this year, I resolved to collect data. Because what's more fun than tabulating data while answering the door for trick-or-treaters? Nothing.

You can see our rush came in the 7:00 hour, but really, the trick-or-treating only lasted for 1.5 hours. I like it! Nice and compact. A total of 58 trick or treaters came to our house (not including my own cute boys).

Average group size of trick-or-treaters was 3.4.

And look at me! I ate only two pieces of the stuff we gave out. (Ahem. This graph does not include the number of pieces I ate once my boys came home. The boys were taxed all Almond Joys they received and one Butterfinger.)

Finally, the total candy received. These data combine candy collected on Halloween as well as at Friday's trunk or treat. Because I worked from home the day after Halloween, Chuck was required to take the bags of candy with him to work (to be kept in his car) because I am not to be trusted with nine pounds of candy in the house.

P.S. The candy we gave out was stuff that we bought last year. That's right. We bought close-out candy and kept it in the basement freezer for 365 days. And I didn't touch it once. I knew that once the bag was opened, it'd be over in a couple of ugly days. But as long as it stayed unopened, it was safe. Amazing, no?


  1. You're awesome. I love this data! Hilarious. Did you try a sample of your frozen candy once it was Halloween - I mean, to make sure it wasn't poisonous or anything?! :)

  2. We love your statistical analysis of Halloween. What would have prompted you to do so?!!!