Wednesday, November 2, 2016


With the boys in school all day, I have so much energy (and time!) to do fun things for them! Kidding. I just happened to for this holiday, but I promise it won't happen again soon. They were treated to a fun dinner of jello worms, scary apple teeth, and hot dog mummies and spiders.

I also managed to create some Halloween luminarias for our yard. I love these things so very much. Why? Because the luminarias remind me of my growing up and our Christmas luminarias, which I love. LOVE. And because the Christmas ones are not a thing here, our one house would look weird. But at Halloween it works. Well, I made it work.

The boys are ready to trick or treat! Those boxes. Ha. They made climbing stairs a little difficult. Maybe no box costumes again.

One last house...

The loot!

Okay. Let's talk about Rhett's bounty. He carried no bag, so every piece he got counted as a "vote," whether or not the person at the door intended that to be. And even though you can't tell, he got about four times as much for Hillary as he did for Trump. But that's no surprise in our neighborhood. It was quite hilarious listening to people at the door: "One for Trump, and a lot more for Hillary!" And then there were all the people who asked for his picture. Rhett relished in the special attention. And people gave him way more candy than Ollie. Ollie ended up with just over four pounds, and Rhett? FIVE. Five pounds of candy.

Chuck took the boys out for most of the night while I stayed home and cleaned the house. It was the perfect (for me) compromise. The weather was good and everyone had a lovely evening!


  1. I am not a big Halloween fan, but you sure rocked it Momma! I love the costumes, luminaries, food, and that you stayed home to clean. We just leave a bowl and all go out together. I had a peanut FREE bowl and a regular bowl this year. It disappeared very quickly thanks to some punk kids. Last year there was a lot leftover and I only had one bowl. Of corse, I didn't mind having leftovers. This year Adele got way more candy than the others because she was so cute.

  2. It all looks like some much fun! We'll have to see if Rhett's "polling" out correct next Tuesday!!!