Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Written by Oliver

My boys are driving me crazy. Rhett can't keep his hands off Ollie or Ollie's food. Ollie can't obey to save his life. And neither one is interested in eating any dinner I cook, only in crying about it. It's definitely a rough patch in our house right now.

Thankfully Oliver is unintentionally offering a bit of comic relief through his writing. He writes a couple of notes every day, and pretty much every one is hilarious. Here's a small sample (translations underneath):

"I am happy now today." (This after a note that said he was really, really sad. He bit his lip pretty bad.)

"I am sorry because I just don't like playing Splendor." (This after a fight with his brother over the board game Splendor.)

"This is because I don't talk because I don't want to say bad words and I don't want to say ????" (This after Chuck asked him why he writes us so many notes!)

"This is why I was so mean. I don't like girls and I have not seen you." (This after he said he was bored so I told him to write a letter to a cousin. This was for Lucy. Obviously.)

"What the hell." (This after...who knows. Nice use of the sacrament meeting program.)


  1. So much to say! What nice handwriting he has - and his spelling is pretty awesome! I didn't even need your translations. :)

    Did he really mean "What the hell"?! Is that, ummm, something he hears a lot? :)

    I probably won't share his letter to Lucy, but I guess that was nice of him to think of her! :)

    At least you can find some comic relief right now! Are you doing PB and Js this week?!

  2. oh my gosh amazing writer! That last one is so funny.