Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I Made Stuff

Remember that update on my bed? Well, I finished the bed runner, made a curtain, and bought two throw pillows just to make that plain grey duvet cover less plain. I think it worked.

You can't see the curtain very well, but it's this funny almost-kitcheny fabric we got at Ikea. But it's yellow and grey, so I don't care what's on it. I didn't line it, so I'm afraid of the sun in the upcoming months. I may have to address that later. My boys and dog get me up early enough; I don't need the sun making it worse.

Close up of the runner. In my head I'm obsessed with gingham, so I'm glad to find a place to use it. I'd put it everywhere if I could.

This is all so much better than that grey thing all alone. Trust me: it was hideous.


  1. I totally love it! It's the perfect addition to spice up your bed.

    The curtains look cute - I can't see the kitchen stuff. But it makes me laugh.

  2. Gingham for the WIN......Looks great!