Thursday, February 2, 2017

Top 5 Runs

After running that amazing trail run in Arizona, it got me thinking about my favorite runs ever. Here they are:

1. The half-marathon I ran in 2014 where I broke the two-hour time. I trained for it, and it felt SO good to achieve it!

2. Ragnar trail's last run. Note: this applies only to the last run. The mud slowed everyone so much, Ragnar let everyone run together at the end just so that everyone could get their runners off the course. I think three of us ran together, in the day, on the drying ground, on a beautiful trail.

3. Arizona's trail run (Beardsley Trail)

4. All but the run from the 2016 St. Michael's Half (Does that count? The run itself wasn't great AT ALL. I went out way too fast, and came back weighing 20 pounds more due to all the rain I was carrying. But everything else about that 24-hour period was the BEST.)

5. Christmas Story Run. Sure, it was a slow race time, but it was such a fun race environment and doing it with my family was awesome (except for the part when Rhett was bawling about that dumb trash bag).

Next Tuesday I'll do my worst runs.


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  2. Nah, number 4 doesn't count. :) It only counts as a "Top 5 running TRIPS." But, whatevs - I'll give it to you.

    Great runs are the best!

    I'm interested to hear about your worst runs!