Thursday, February 9, 2017


I figured it's about time for one of these, as nothing else is really going on.

Ollie: After a good stretch of tough times with this kid, I think we're on the up. Sometime last fall, his teacher got pregnant, but she ended up with twins and hyperemesis: not a good match (either one of those is enough for you to opt out of everything in your life). She decided to leave teaching for now, and Ollie got distributed to another class. He knows this new teacher and has spent time with her, so the transition was easy. And thankfully, she's aware of Ollie's behavior issues and has a good handle on things she wants to try. But I really think we're making progress (Monday's bus riot excepting). This boy. At least he's doing great academically! He's addicting to spelling. Quite often he'll spell something he wants, instead of just asking for it. It's adorable...and time-consuming. And he's reading so well! Watching kids start reading is one of the great milestones in parenthood! (I contend that reading and biking are my favorite things for my boys to have learned so far.) He loves being on the trampoline, no matter the weather. And of course, he can't stop touching/punching/spitting on his brother. Sigh.

Rhett: Thankfully our school problems exist in only one child. Rhett is doing great in school, so not much to say there. He recently competed in his first pinewood derby and loved every second of it. Chuck helped a lot with the sawing, but Rhett painted and helped put everything else together. He lost only one race and ended up first in his den and second overall. Not bad! Did I mentioned he fulfilled all Wolf requirements for Scouts in November? Well, he did, so we're just waiting for Bear stuff. I kind of like finishing before Christmas so that there's no rush come the beginning of the new year. Although, with a March birthday, we probably would have been okay. He also cannot keep his hands to himself at home. But what we're struggling with him is his attachment to #1. Not that he has to be the best, but he wants all of his choices to be his top choice. Dinner must be his favorite dinner, activities have to be his favorite activity, movies have to be his favorite movie. But because he doesn't really know his favorites in all of these categories, he usually just says no to everything. This is hard. And frustrating because he ends up liking most things (food excepting) that we end up forcing on him. Argh.

Chuck: He's pretty much the same. We adults don't change too much. He's been reading a lot of Game of Thrones which means we're both catching up on the series as he finishes each book. At work he's creating online math curriculum, which he enjoys.

me: I love being released from Gospel Doctrine and am trying to figure out this Stake Girls Camp thing. Work is good, busy, but good. I'm traveling to Kansas City for work in April (unless the current administration decides federal employees shouldn't travel), and I'm still a little mad about it. I mean, Kansas City, really?! We can't think of anywhere better to go? Ugh. Whatever. I'll likely spend the entire week in the hotel anyway. I'm loving the slowness of post-Christmas. Swimming is going well. I've worked up to swimming a mile, but I'm so slooooow. So now I'm working on that. I'm also considering doing a triathlon but I suck at biking!

Our Bed: After I tried and tried to make the quilt work, we were just too cold at night. So I bought a duvet cover (to replace the one I gave away) and brought back the down quilt (which, thankfully, I had not given away) and now we're toasty warm at night again. Once it warms up again, I'll bring back down the white quilt. Meanwhile, I'm making a bed runner for it because the new duvet cover is awfully plain. And I might need a new curtain in there too and possibly a throw pillow. Hmmmm....

D.C. Winter: We've made it though most of the winter without a big storm! I feel like one could come now and I wouldn't be too devastated. Obviously the boys feel differently. They could have five come through and be completely happy.

Upcoming Plans:It's really important for me to have something to look forward to. Our next big plans are a trip to the Smokies in April. I've never been there and am excited to explore a new-to-me national park. We're going to San Diego with my family in July. And I'd still like one last trip in August, especially since the boys don't go back to school until September.

I think that's it!


  1. Good for Ollie - let's hope it continues! :) I do want to hear about the bus riot, though . . .

    #1 obsession . . . interesting, especially when he doesn't have that many #1s. :)

    A real triathlon - distance-wise? Or a mini-mini like me? I still want you to fly to Utah for the weekend - it wouldn't be that expensive . . .

  2. Spoken like a true east coaster. Kansas City is actually a pretty awesome town. We love to visit there.

  3. I always like having something to look forward too. They all sound pretty good to me. Kansas city might surprise you. We traveled there a lot growing up, and I remember it being fun-but probably because I was 6 and our hotel had a pool!