Thursday, July 6, 2017

That Time I was SUCH A FUN MOM

Because Rhett moved up in age divisions at the pool, he's not swimming in A meets this year (or maybe he's just not as fast). Either way, we haven't had to spend four hours at the pool every Saturday morning (just Wednesday evenings). It's been a welcome surprise. This past Saturday we were all so tired we really didn't do anything. Which normally is VERY hard for me, but because the boys were on such good behavior, it was kind of amazing. Rhett made a big chocolate chip cookie, which was delicious. Then, because he was still in cooking mode, he asked if he could "make something" with "anything/everything" in the kitchen. Because the boys had been so great all day, I said yes. This is not my normal response. I limited the amounts (3 T from the big stuff, much less from spices) but the boys LOVED it. They had the best time and I got to sit by and watch (and read the paper and do a crossword puzzle). It was glorious.

Then we baked them. They were not glorious.

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  1. Free - what a deal!? If you ask my kids, they'll probably say it's been a really long time since I was a fun mom. Go you!