Thursday, July 27, 2017

San Diego: Tuesday - End

Tuesday: SURF LESSONS! The five middle-aged people (me, my sis, my bro, and the two husbands) took a surf lessons from these guys. Yep, for reals. But they were amazing. All five of us were easily getting up on our own at the end of the two hours. My brother and BIL loved it so much, they stayed at the beach while the three others went to retrieve the kids. It really was so fun. Chuck and I were much better at surfing that the only other time we did it. Of course, we all couldn't move the next day. Ha. We brought the kids back down to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. Even though the Willis Brothers were teaching another class, one of the brothers helped all six grandkids surf a bit. Seriously so fun. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this day. Fortunately, my sister does. I'm just waiting for her to get them to me. (No rush, Emily!)

Wednesday: We split up on this day, and so our small group of four headed to the Mission Beach area. That beach was GORGEOUS, but we are so glad we arrived early. It was definitely a crowded beach. Once we were done with the beach, we went to the amusement park located on their "boardwalk." (In quotes because my boys didn't think a non-wooden boardwalk could be called a boardwalk.) We stopped by the San Diego temple on the way back to the house. Once there, we were lucky to be joined by my Aunt Karen (my mom's sister) for dinner. She lives in L.A. and made the trek down. It was so good to see her. We were sad that her husband wasn't able to join us, however. I am also sad that we didn't get a group shot with her.

Thursday: KAYAKING! Everyone except for my dad got to enjoy this trip. We went out of La Jolla so we got to see (and hear) the sea lions and go in and out of caves. It was a really excellent trip. But again, no camera. (We don't have good luck with cameras and kayaks.) Oh well. After that, me and my three boys stayed in town to enjoy some of the downtown sites. We stopped first at Fort Rosecrans Cemetery (the Arlington of the west), then to Cabrillo National Monument (where my boys did the junior ranger program and had the best ranger EVER pass them off). Then we met the rest of the crew for dinner at Coronado. Such a lovely little town.

Friday: As it was our last full day, we opted for another beach day, this time at San Elijo beach. It was lovely! We brought boogie boards and one surf board that were at the house, and even my dad joined us for a bit (beaches are not really his thing). After barbecuing at home, we went to this crazy ice cream sandwich place for dessert. The next morning we were up and early to catch our cross-country flight.

We had an amazing time and were so happy to spend it with family. A million thanks to my parents for funding and making great our trip!


  1. Aw, everything just looks so awesome - because it was! :) Your outings looked pretty great. I love great rangers - glad your boys got one!

    Your tattoo picture is excellent.

    Do you still need me to send more surfing pictures?! :)