Friday, May 23, 2014

Last Race Post, Promise

Apologies, but I'm still pretty tired and just can't seem to make myself go to bed early to catch up. Anyway, one last post on the race. You had to expect race photos, right? They just crack me up. I can't always remember at which point the pictures were being taken, so I had to guess given the redness of my face.

Face not too red here, so must be near the beginning. Plus, I was focused. Look at me! I'm a woman who knows where she's going.

Face getting redder...

Even redder still...And JAZZ hands, people! I got the jazz hands! you think I'm excited? Can't tell.

Sorry for the watermark on them. But you know I ain't buyin' these, right?


  1. Wow, you're super animated in your photos! You've inspired me. I always try not to look at the camera cuz I always feel awkward. Now I'll try and be more fun! :)

  2. I am amazed! So awesome under two hours. That is fast! Today I ran two miles and had to walk half of it. Life after baby. =)

  3. SO AWESOME. LOVE the enthusiasm. Why not, right???

    GOOD for you!!!

  4. You are amazing!! Well done! I hate the redness of my face. Any time I work out my face is red. Doesn't matter if I'm in shape or not. So that's why I hate it! Ahh! I work out, but my face makes it appear that I don't :( boo!