Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Scrabble Wall Returneth

Remember the scrabble wall? The one I had to take down when we put up the bunk beds? The one I got to put back up when the boys requested that the bunk beds be dismantled? Still love it.

P.S. And of course their room always looks like this. They never rip off all the bedding and put it on the floor. They never take out all the animals from the stuff animal jail and put themselves in instead. They never leave clothes on the floor. They never throw diapers all over the floor. Gosh.


  1. Oh my how I love that scrabble wall. And their bedspreads. and the animal jail. love it! and those boys. love them too!

  2. yay, I love the scrabble wall! Glad it's back!