Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What It Takes to Get Me Sewing: Birthdays

Hmmm....apparently all of my latest sewing has been for birthday kids. I need to find me some new motivation.

Hat for a one-year-old. Seriously, people, had I had daughters, I think I would have as many bonnets as I have ties for my boys. I love them. I love making them and I love babies wearing them. Tutorial from The Purl Bee.

Hat for another baby, same tutorial.

One of my cousins commissioned me to make this hat for her little boy who just turned one. I love these hats. I love when my boys wear the ones I made for them. And I finally figured out how to get Ollie to keep his on: tell him it keeps the bugs off his head. Because I have two boys who are afraid of bugs, this totally works.

Strawberry bag for a six-year-old. Cute, right? Pattern here at Jacks and Kate.. And if you're not reading this blog, you should. It's adorable.

And the only non-birthday gift. This wipes case was a thank you to a friend who watched Ollie during a babysitting emergency. And while I'm talking about wipes...why did I not know about their greatness BEFORE I had kids? I mean, these should be a staple in everyone's house, no matter their situation.


  1. The head apparel you craft is adorable - both bonnets and hats. Seriously, I love your boys in those hats! And everything else is just stylin' as well! You're so good at your craft!

  2. As always, fabulous job! Everything turned out so cute! I don't think my girls would wear bonnets...maybe the bug thing would work for them? I'd have to try it.