Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Week in Numbers

39: The number of acorn "lids" I found in the washing machine after doing one load of Rhett's laundry.

4: The number of airplanes we saw fly right over our heads before both boys were in complete hysterics (the bad kind, not the good kind) and we have to leave Gravelly Point.

23: The number of UPS trucks we saw on one block of road one morning.

77: The temperature (and humidity) of my Wednesday morning run (and I'm talking pre-6:00 a.m.). It was terrible.

48: The temperature at my parents' house at the same time. Do you think I'm jealous?

1,000,000: The number of times I've daydreamed about going on my upcoming vacation.

Googolplex: The number of times I've nightmared about returning from my upcoming vacation. Googolplex is in honor of Rhett, who is currently obsessed with that number.

1: Number of minutes it took for the 4th of July t-shirt-making art project to turn crazy.

204 204 255: RGB color of the water after Chuck cleaned up two paint-stained boys. Note: All paint on boys was self-imposed.

Posting early because of the holiday. Happy 4th of July!


  1. Awesome numbers! Love it; so fun reading. How did the shirts turn out?

  2. Got a little Hitler mustache going on there with Ollie, eh? He paints some dark matter...