Friday, July 25, 2014

To State the Not Obvious

How does one recap an entire week of ease and loveliveness? Of course we had fun. Of course it was easy (except for when we had to scramble to get out of SLC so we could make our connecting flight). Of course Vancouver Island is gorgeous. Of course I didn't miss my boys. Worry, maybe. Miss, nope. Of course I liked flying in a plane and being able to read my book without interruption. Need I even state those things? No. Here are the things that must be stated:

1. We saw Raffi at a market. He was signing albums that hadn't even been released yet. Not buying one was my only regret from the trip. Not because I like his music, but only because. I mean, there he was, two feet from me. And yet I did nothing. Nothing.

2. Canada has TONS of hippies, backpackers, and hitchhikers. It's the weirdest thing.

3. Sand dollars are black when alive. Huh. And stink when they're dying. And are probably illegal to bring home. Shhhh....

4. Tides are amazing. It's also equally amazing when tides go out and leave miles of beaches that are otherwise completely covered by water.

5. On our first honeymoon, I beat Chuck at mini golf. On this, our second honeymoon (well, that's how we explained this trip to the boys, thanks Berenstain Bears), I did it again. Apparently this feat occurs only once a decade.

6. If I moved to Canada, I'd have to visit all of the provincial parks, instead of state parks, obviously. I don't know why this sounds so **cute** to me, but it does. Ah, this park is just so, so...provincial!

7. Just because trees are really, really big, does not make them necessarily good looking. They can just be really, really big ugly trees.

8. Surfing was my favorite thing we did. It was exhausting and hard and my arms were so sore the next day, but it was so much fun. And yes, I even got up a couple of times, thankyouverymuch. Who knew Canada had good waves?

9. Wet suits keep you surprisingly warm, even in the waters off Canada's surfing capital. Not once did we experience cold while wearing them.

10. Sometimes the journey (when it consists of boat-height ocean swells, grey and orca whale sightings, super cool fog, eagles, a black bear, and sea otters) is even cooler than the destination, especially when the destination is wicked HOT hot springs, over 50 degrees (that's 122°F for us yanks).

11. In one bed and breakfast, our daily breakfast consisted of a beautiful fruit and yogurt parfait topped with coconut, a fluffy omelet (either spinach and feta or cheese, mushroom, and ham), pancakes, toast, and juice. This is what our Friday night breakfast-for-dinner should look like every week.

12. Our kayak guide wants to kayak from Alaska to the bottom of South America. Uh, I think I'll just wait for the Banff Mountain Film Festival movie about his trek to come out.

13. If anyone can recreate the French toast I had here, I will seriously pay you $15 (that's better than the exchange rate, by the way). Check it out: it's called the Peasant Toast and it was the best breakfast I've ever had. Ever. I chose to have it on French bread instead, and I'm pretty sure the slices were 2" thick.

14. Walking and walking for seven days in flip flops, even if they're Vibram-soled flip flops, is not the wisest of choices. (Note: Running shoes were donned on day 8 after knees were killing me.)

15. The tan line that one gets from wearing flip flops for seven days straight is, however, pretty cool. (Ack! Don't judge my scraggly toes! I know I need a pedicure STAT.)

P.S. Aren't you so happy that I posted a picture of my feet? You're welcome.


  1. Oh how I've missed your blog updates! You are one of my few remaining friends who blog AND you blog regularly, which I love.

    Looks like an amazing trip together. So well deserved!

    I love the slipper tan line. Having grown up in Hawaii, I've always had one. Since moving away, I get a little sad when the tan line fades to be barely noticeable. It's going strong right now thanks to summer!

  2. Finally, the post I've been waiting for ! :) It's perfect - I love the obvious and not-so-obvious. And of course the pictures are fab. But I do want a picture of you on a surfboard - did you get one? So awesome! So glad you got to go!

    1. no, no pics of us actually surfing. we had to walk a quarter mile with the boards and since we were down in the water the whole time, it just wouldn't be easy to go back up and take the picture. plus, we so infrequently actually got up, that it would have wasted a lot of time. ha.

  3. Sounds amazing!! And I'm glad Shamu's friends didn't come eat you while you were surfing.

  4. Looks like it was a very fun trip!! I like when I get tan lines from my flip flops too :) That is so cool that you tried surfing! I never have, but want to!

  5. I LOVE feet pictures!!!! This trip all looks and sounds DELIGHTFUL. Preston and I keep saying this will be our next "honeymoon" too, seeing as he spent his mission years right there! SO SO happy you had a LOVELY time, blogged and shared pictures all about it.

  6. That french toast sounds amazing. As does the rest of your trip!! I'm so jealous in every way!