Friday, January 2, 2015

E! True Holiday Story

Don't let the pictures fool you: it was NOT an easy holiday season. Let's start with Ollie. Here's pretty much every conversation we have with him these days:

Me: Ollie what do you want for lunch?
Ollie: Meat, cheese, cracker!
I deliver it.
Ollie: NOOOOOO! Not like this!
He completely melts down. After calming down, I try to get the lunch as he wants it. He has another fit and redoes it himself...just like the way I initially served him. Sigh.

As you can imagine, dealing with this multiple times a day has been kinda rough. So December has been kind of rough. I didn't do all the things I'd like to have done with the boys because I was just too tired. Oh well. They'll get over it. And next year, if I can pull it together, they'll be that much happier.

More on Ollie, the kid was nearly impossible on Christmas day. He didn't want any of his presents and almost tried ripping apart this tent I made. I mean, really.

I'm learning that something that I need daily is a break from my kids. And when school is out and it's a holiday, I just don't get those breaks. We didn't nap Ollie hardly at all last week, and bedtimes were later and later. So by the time the boys went down and all our tasks were completed, there was almost no downtime. (With early-rising children, early adult bedtimes must be kept.) Turns out I don't do well with this. Let's just say I was a teeny bit happy to go back to work on Monday.

Anyway, my brain is fried, hence the scattered post. Sorry. I have hopes of sanity in the new year.

P.S. I really loved eating tacos, beans, and rice on Christmas Day. New tradition, maybe?! Feliz Navidad, maybe?

P.P.S. Nothing like the word "refinance" to make you feel like an adult. Blech.

P.P.P.S. And no, that's not a skinny Bruno with a dye job. We're dog sitting.

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  1. I'm so sorry your December was rough, but at least you are in good company! With morning sickness and 5 colds in 4 months, I've had zippo energy. Jeff's been awesome, but he can only go without good sleep for so long. One night he got 20 minutes in bed! The kids have been sick and not sleeping well. Elodie is going through some crazy weird phase of coming into our room multiple times a night, not wanting to eat (even though she is VERY sensitive to low blood sugar), and being a total grouch/meanie head/screaming much of the day. It wasn't the most merry of Decembers for us either! Here's to a new year, good health, and good sleep for all!