Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Kids Dress for Success

Lately Ollie has been changing into pajamas as soon as he can. On Monday this meant 11:00 a.m. If I know we're not going out, I'm not sure I should even bother asking him to change into "day clothes," right? He's always loved being in "soft pants" but he's finally learned that ALL pajamas are soft pants.

And then there's his brother. Rhett has never been afraid of wearing nice, or even dressy, clothes. However, he has NEVER been the type to do a pajama day at school. (I fear for Ollie that everyday will be pajama day.) But whadda know? Yesterday his class took a field trip to an 1800s replica working farm (or something). This explains why Monday night Rhett asked what boys wore in the olden times. "Did they wear suits? Tuxedos?" Um no. They wore jeans and plaid shirts (or I know). Also, they wore suspenders.

So wouldn't you know this is how he left the house Tuesday morning:

I thought the bare feet really added to the effect.


  1. Um that's just the coolest of Rhett! I love it! I love him! Seriously, that is just so great.

    1. Did you make him wear shoes. :)

    2. Do they go on lots of field trips? (Please say "no" so I don't get jealous.)

    3. Jonas hardly ever wears PJs on PJ-days at school. I'm not sure why? Miles will, though. As will Emmy.

    4. So funny that Ollie is a soft-pants kind of guy. What a cutie.

    1. 1. of course i made him wear shoes! i don't live in hawaii....any more.

      2. one or two a year? maybe just one? can't remember. in kindergarten there was a trip to a pumpkin patch. i think this year they have two.

      3. rhett tells us because he's just not comfortable. doesn't matter to me.

      4. ollie was back in PJs after dropping off rhett today! he even stayed in them when we went to the grocery store. that boy.

  2. Man, yet another reason to REALLY love that Ollie kid. Seriously. He and I are on the same page on this one!!!!!!!!! PJs 4-evah!!!!!!!!!!! I put mine on the same time my kids get ready for bed. So yeah, if you visit me after 8 pm good likelihood I'll be in PJs. And in the mornings... well, wearing a coat on these cold weather days has really made it easy for me. PJs underneath!

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