Monday, January 19, 2015

Questions of Great Import

Last week I made some banana bread for someone. When I heard how it was eaten, I was shocked. WHO DOES THAT?! So of course my question is: How do you eat your banana bread? (I don't want to bias the results, so I won't tell you until later how I eat it or how the blasphemer eats it.)

Also, at what time of day do you put on pajamas?

P.S. Know what I missed from Friday's list? The blow dryer! Ah, drying under my clothes.


  1. oh i love drying under my clothes!

    when it's fresh, we simply slice and eat our bread. then we slice up the rest and put it in the freezer - and my kids love eating frozen banana bread! so that's how it happens at our house.

  2. Let me guess, they slice it up and put it in a bowl or shove it into a glass and pour milk all over it before they eat it? I'm not a huge banana bread fan, I try to not eat it unless there is nothing else as an option.

    Pajamas go on as soon as there is no other place I have to go for the day. i.e. Church gets out at noon, pjs go on about 12:07. Usually though around 6:30-7:00 when my girlies are getting ready for bed.