Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This is Why You Shouldn't Ask

You know how when you haven't talked to someone recently you ask, "So, what's new?" I recommend not wasting your time asking me that. Seriously. NOTHING is new. Well, I guess that's true only if you discount the mundane, like:

For the first time in my life, I started putting butter on toast. I never saw the point before, but I've been eating a lot of toast and eggs for breakfast, and I happen to like cinnamon and sugar on my toast. I tried the toast with butter and was shocked at how much better it tasted than without the butter. I still don't see the point of butter when putting jam on toast. And I will never disgrace fresh-from-the-oven, homemade bread with butter. Never.

We have a new hot water heater. After four days without hot water, we were all excited. Our pocketbook, however, well, that's a different story. Isn't home ownership the worst sometimes?

Also for what is possibly the first time ever, I bought a two-liter bottle of soda for me. Lately, once we put the kids down, I find I need a stiff drink. And for me, diet root beer is about as stiff as it gets. I blame Chuck for this.

Finally, I guess this is new. I'm entering the stage of "What surprises will I find when unloading the washing machine after doing Rhett's laundry?" This was my latest haul: a rock, a nickel, two aliens, and some sort of plastic heart. (Do you know how much Ollie loves those aliens? A lot. Which explains why Rhett puts them in his pockets.)

P.S. Oh, I hope that never from above isn't like the "I will never marry a man who wears little socks," because we all know how that turned out. No. I will be strong.

P.P.S. And because I'm just a girl who can't say no...to alphabet flash cards, I picked up these at the thrift store yesterday (sans "F"). But what to do with them? I already have a set of these hanging in the playroom. Told you I'm a sucker.


  1. I find the post when you feel like you have nothing to say really entertaining...now you just need to add a small scoop of vanilla ice cream to your diet root beer and ALL your problems will go away! Promise!

  2. i just think you're so funny. i wish i was funny like my big sis. :)

    funny about butter - we never have soft butter to spread! so i'll just do a quick spray of pam if my kids want cinn/sugar. :)

    stiff drink, love it. for me it's chocolate.

  3. I find this post extremely entertaining! I am not a big fan of butter on things, but toast is the one exception I do make. The butter has to be completely melted though. Homemade bread toast with salted butter is one of the best foods ever...yum.

  4. I loves me some butter, especially on bread! what is this about you drinking soda? I feel like I never knew you at all...LOL. I totally know your nothing going on. we too are the same. so boring. come on spring!

  5. I also have some alphabet flashcards... also looking for a place to house them artfully.

    As for the diet root beer, all I can say is: "I know you drink on the quiet and I know how much you drink. For some time I've been intending to tell you to stop your elaborate pretenses and drink openly if you want to."

    The butter thing is hilarious and sacrilege. I don't understand how you can be shocked that your toast is better with butter. Really? Shouldn't we all know by our age that EVERYTHING tastes better with butter?? Especially fresh homemade bread, and yes, with jam. I will break you to try it... oh yes... you may have nothing new ahead of you, but I! I now have conviction and motivation! Butter Erin Up Goal!!!!