Wednesday, May 20, 2015

All's Quiet on the Blog

But it's not all quiet at home. To all ten or so readers of this blog, sorry for being absent for over a week. A couple of weeks ago I herniated a cervical disc. I've pretty much been in constant pain. No, I'm not sure how it happened, although while stretching in bed one morning before a run, I did experience a distinct "POP" in my body and haven't been the same since. The first week after it happened, I was pretty much on self-induced bedrest mainly because I couldn't really do anything else. Then I decided I couldn't live like that and forced myself to get up and do things, even if I was in a huge amount of pain (although steroids did help some). Last week I actually did stuff, but not nearly at my usual functional level. Anyway, when I feel up to it (sitting is the WORST), here are some posts about my ordeal I'd like to write:

1. Lessons Learned
2. What's Really Important
3. How Bad Daytime TV Really Is (with the exception of Judge Judy, but she's not on until 4)
4. How Awesome My Friends Really Are
5. Weird Things I Believe
6. A Depressing Post on Missing Out on a Repeat of This Awesome Girls' Running Weekend

Lots of posts because, you know, bedrest just leaves you alone with your thoughts. Until then, sorry. If you want pictures, you'll just have to check Instagram.

Of course there are other things going on that I should document:
1. My new favorite food, if rice krispie treats count as food
2. I Got My Bike Fixed!
3. Iron Chef
4. The Beginning of Swim Season
5. A Photosession Photobombed by Ollie
6. We Might Buy a Camping Trailer After All!!!
7. My Parents' Mission Call!!!

P.S. For the medically curious, it's the disc between the C6 and C7 vertebrae in my neck.

P.P.S. And yes, good memory you! Chuck also had a herniated disc. He recovered quickly and promptly forgot how terrible it was until I decided I couldn't let him be the only one in the house with that issue. Unfortunately I can't share my MRI with you because I have no idea how to manipulate the software on the CD they gave me. Trust me: it's ugly.


  1. can't wait to read all your interesting thoughts and ideas! yours are always to fun to read. please document all 7 of those - i want to see and hear about them all. #6 - what do you mean, "might"? just do it!

  2. That's the worst! Deanna has had lumbar and cervical herniated discs and it impacts everything you do. Hope you feel better soon.