Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween: 2015

Of course we can't do Halloween just once. No. that would be too easy.

First: Ollie's School Celebration (Rhett's school doesn't do any Halloween).

This pose is so Ollie.

Second: Church Trunk or Treating.
Crouching tiger, hidden potion.

Rhett's selfie.

Can you tell what I am? I'm Chuck! And he's me! (Well, we're the Saturday morning versions of each other.)

Third: Neighborhood Trick or Treating.
The witch in the bushes was a last-minute addition to our Halloween decorations. Kinda love it.

Just to show the whole house. And yes, sigh, Ollie has to go to the bathroom.

Fourth: The Loot
For the first time ever, I'm considering donating it. It really is just too much.

The boys had a good time. They were plagued with a stomach bug over the weekend, so Candy Day is still at a date to be determined, but I'm sure the boys will enjoy that just as much. I mean, it's Halloween. It's the second-best kid holiday of the year!

And now to start planning Christmas.


  1. I so love their costumes. That saber-tooth is one of my all-time favs. It's just so great. What made Ollie change his mind . . .? He looked great in it - classic Ollie stance and all.

    And Rhett's was perfect, too! I LOVE his selfie.

    And, haha. I had that same idea that you/Chuck had - to dress up as each other. But Ben wouldn't do it . . . :( I'm not sure why? You guys looked awesome.

  2. So much fun! And so much candy. Great costumes. :)

    I'm surprised Rhett didn't have a party at they do NOTHING for Halloween? Is it that way every year?

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  4. Axton has Pajama Day on Halloween and a 2 hour early release for the end of the quarter. No fun. I love your costumes. I also think Rhett looks like he has Adele's hair and Wiley glasses. Super fun!

  5. I love it. I LOVE the witch in the bushes.
    I ate a ton of the kids candy and then told Collin to take it all to work because I wasn't going to stop.
    Haha we took down our Halloween stuff Saturday and Collin put up the cmas lights!!!!! Crazy. And then I played cmas music today. Super crazy. But why not. :)