Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lamest Thanksgiving Post You'll Read

Of course there are a million real things for which I'm grateful. But those posts aren't fun. So I present to you: my dumbest gratitude post ever.

The other day when Chuck and I were cleaning out kitchen shelves because of little bugs we like to keep up on household maintenance, we found a pan that we didn't even know we had. Sure, my mom bought me this set when I finished grad school and bought my condo in Orem. Sure this pan was part of the set. But apparently it sat underneath other pans, completely forgotten for at least seven years. And guess what? This pan is perfect. For everything. We've used it thrice already in the ten days since discovery. It's like a tall saute pan, or a short stock pot, or a really wide sauce pan. I'm sure it's got a name. For now, it's just miracle pot.

So on this Thanksgiving Eve, I am grateful for miracle pot, one that's truly changing my kitchen life.

P.S. The picture above shows a sweet potato apple soup. Me. Vegetables. Cooking. Changing my life I tell you.


  1. I love this! We need a miracle pot... just not some miracle pot. Hehehe! In kitchen news, I've been burning things more often. Multitasking is to blame and 2 year olds. The other day I made mac and cheese and my sauce burned on the bottom. Um, it usually does. I thought it made the sauce disgusting, but "this is great mac and cheese mom" was the response I got from the little people.

    I know you mentioned food budgets the other day. It's a topic I always find fascinating. I'd love to hear how the whole "sidedish" thing is going. Unless, you already discussed that and my mush brain forgot.

  2. So cool! I love those fun finds. :)

    How was that soup?!