Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanksgiving for Four

This year we did Thanksgiving with just the four of us. Neither Chuck nor I really knew what to expect with this. Would it be terrible? Would we be bored with each other? Would the boys drive us crazy? Thankfully, the answers were no, no, and yes, but the answer to number 3 is always yes.

There are certainly a lot of pros to keeping it to your immediate family. We decided when to eat (3 p.m.), but if it didn't happen then, oh well! We decided what to eat (orange rolls, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberries, turkey, apple pie). We got a smaller turkey. I could run (and run and run) in the morning and not feel guilty. We didn't over-overeat because there was no interesting discussions keeping us at the table once dinner was over. We could go for a walk between dinner and dessert. The boys could eat off china. We could clean as we went, and then clean some more between dinner and dessert which meant no late night cleaning which meant much-needed down time for Chuck and me.

Rhett, of course, was disappointed that we didn't invite people. And both boys ate little more than rolls and the "a la mode" that Chuck and I had with pie. But it really was a lovely day! This doesn't mean we'll always do it just the four of us, but it certainly means we won't shy away from it either.

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  1. It sounds really nice!

    How far did you run?!

    Haha about the "a la mode" part. :)