Monday, December 14, 2015

Why I Learned to Sew (and its scary effects)

When people ask when I learned to sew, I generally tell them it was when I realized pants were always about six inches too long. (See Exhibit A.) I think in this picture I'm 8, so I'm not really sewing quite yet, but clearly my mom was slacking. Because those cuffs? They're practically up to my knee. (\endhyperbole)

Then, after necessity, it just became fun. Can you believe I went straight from hemming pants to sewing clothes? Units, to be precise. Unless you were born in the late-70s and raised in Utah, you might not even know what these are. But I do. And Emily does. Look at us rockin' our homemade Units outfits (Exhibit B). I'm wearing a standard solid navy top and bottom with a peach belt for pop (the wood bear necklace adds something special, don't you think?). Emily is sporting a more casual gymnastics t-shirt with Units pants and belt. Both of us have pants tucked into socks. Hot.

Exhibit C shows another hip way to wear them: tuck your sweater into your jeans and find a coordinating belt. Soooooo cute! Now you're ready for that 7th grade dance where you just stand around. And Emily? Wowza! The 5th graders won't know what hit them!

P.S. I have three scheduled posts this week! Clearly my boys decided to play happily together for longer than eight minutes.


  1. Of course I'm loving these posts - we were just the cutest and coolest. Should we bring back the Units? Make them even for boys? Haha.

    Maybe mom wasn't slacking - maybe 8 inch cuffs were the thing?!

  2. Bahahaha! This is my favorite post ever!

  3. Oh my goodness. I'm having some vague flashbacks. Did I wear these? I don't know...