Monday, December 21, 2015

That's It: We're Returning All Christmas Gifts

We had to pick up a gift for Chuck's coworker so off we went to the non-Joann fabric store closest to our house. This one sells a lot of home dec stuff and as Rhett has to make a stringed instrument over the holiday break, we asked if they'd give us one of the empty rolls. Of course Ollie whined and of course the employee gave us another one.

Little did we know (although much should we have guessed) that these long cardboard rolls would keep them busy for the next two days.

I'm betting no Christmas gift will even come close.


  1. ha, you're probably right! we'll know in 4 days . . .

  2. Ironic right?? We spend all this $$ and time and try to find the PERFECT_________________ and they like the box it came in better! HA.