Friday, March 23, 2012

Rhett's Birthday Recap

You know how people will eat some desserts and say, "Oh, this is just too rich. I can only have a couple of bites." I think something's wrong with me. I don't have that taste bud (the rich-one). When people say that, my mouth is probably full with bites from my third slice of that rick something. And you know when other people lament about their children growing up so fast? I'm missing this gene too. I don't look at babies and think either of the following: (1) "Oh, a baby! I can't wait to have another one!" or (2) "Oh, how little and sweet. I remember when my boys were like that and I miss it." I just don't. Rhett turning four is totally awesome. Grow boy, grow!

Rhett's birthday unfolded in about five acts, plus a prologue and epilogue. (Do plays have prologues and epilogues? I neither know nor care, so this one does.) The epilogue was the early morning wherein I got to run, eat some breakfast, bake a cake, and get ready for the day. Once that was done, we moved on to the meat of the play.

The first act was his "friend party." I invited some of the little kids with whom he's closest to the park near our house. While the kids played, we moms just chatted, so it was a win-win. After playing, we walked back to our house to eat some cupcakes. Can you believe Rhett talked me into letting him have two cupcakes and then he asked for a third? That kid. While we were at the park, Chuck took Ollie to buy balloons and put them on the porch. Love.

This is a new-to-me pose. Not sure where he got it.

Act II was nap time--the only rest the adults got all day. Too bad it only lasted two hours. Too badder that Rhett didn't even nap and just sat in our bedroom yelling while I did laundry and watched Downton Abbey.

Act III was swimming. Rhett requested this and we thought, hey, why not? We hadn't been in the pool more than ten minutes when the lifeguards blew their whistles and made us get out. Adult swim? Nope. Poo in the pool. Sweet. They said it would take 30-45 minutes to recover, but that's as long as we budgeted to be swimming! So we settled for the more kid-unfriendly part of another pool, which was fine. Rhett had a good time; Ollie and even better one. And sorry, but no picture of the poo. Try not to be too disappointed.

Act IV took place at Chuck E. Cheese. Like Disneyworld, I hoped these types of places would remain unknown to my children forever. But alas, it was not to be. And my kid who had never been to Chuck E. Cheese suddenly decided that's where he wanted to go for his birthday. Again, whatever. We invited some family and friends and had a good time.

Ollie doing what Ollie does--eating chairs, floor, carpet, pants, toes, whatever.

Rhett was allowed to invite one friend to Chuck E. Cheese and he chose cute little Madeleine. Look how adorable these two are (when they choose to be).

Can you see how ridiculously close to the steering wheel Rhett is in order to reach the pedals? Poor buddy had a hard time with these, but thankfully there was plenty more to keep him entertained.

Act V was the after-dinner party. We came back to our house for opening presents and cake. More good times.

The epilogue happened when the boys were down and we adults had a disaster of a house to clean and prep for the next day. We were exhausted. However, in spite of all of this birthday craziness, we were just so grateful and amazed at the love we have for this boy. Here's to four!


  1. oh it all looks and sounded so wonderful - so wish we could have been there. but it was fun to skype on his b-day. :) i love the picture of him and balloons - just awesome.

    does he love the masks you made him? cuz he better! that are so cool.

    and if he takes after our genes, that's pretty much how he'll always be driving - sitting that close to the steering wheel. poor boy. :)

    ollie remains as cute as ever.

    and of course you don't long for the baby phase - you still have one. :)

    the last picture is really great, too.

  2. Looks like a fun birthday!

    I'm missing those same genes. I have an extremely high tolerance for super rich foods and have never really understood it when people said they could only handle a little bit. And I've definitely not felt that way about missing baby stages. For the most part I so love having my kids get older. I do have to say that watching Camilla grow up, knowing she is our last, has made me a little sad. I'll NEVER miss the baby stage, but I'm definitely trying to soak up each stage that Camilla is going through since we'll never go through it again.

  3. Oh my gosh your children are grown up. Rhett is so hilarious and fun. He and madeleine are the sweetest things ever!!!!! M is GORGEOUS!!!!!