Friday, September 9, 2016

Someone Came to Visit Us!

Although we live in a real destination, no one ever comes to visit us. My parents have been out a couple of times, but that's it. No friends (except for when Rach and Andy lived in NC), one. Until last month. Guess what?! My sister came! And she brought her family! They spent almost two weeks here and it was so much fun to host them. Because I had just spent three weeks' worth of vacation time from work, I couldn't take off nearly the amount of time I'd like, but thankfully they're adults (well, at least Ben and Emily are) and can manage on their own, or with Chuck.

One trip I did get to join them on was when we went to Terrapin Beach Park. Dead crabs and jellies were the specials of the day, unfortunately.

We did find this little spot where a freshwater creek was spilling into the bay and keeping the jellies out, so the kids were able to play there plenty.

Cousins are the best.

And then I got to join them at Fort McHenry.

Seriously, Ollie? That face.

Again, Ollie.

And again. It's so him. Oh how I hope he grows out of it, but oh how I hope I never forget it. What a unique little guy.

Being silly on the steps!

The cousins mostly enjoyed each other. Ollie had it in for Lucy, for no reason at all. Pretty much the second they got out of the car, he was done with her. Sigh. And Rhett would settle for nobody but Jonas, another sigh. But hey, I did great! I planned, shopped, and cooked for 10, surprising me the most! We spent a lot of time at the pool, which was good because it was August and August is the WORST. Except when August weather spills into September, then that's the WORST.

Anyway, come back again soon, Maxwells!


  1. Oh it was good and fun and we miss it and the Hubands! You did do great and were amazing - but no surprise there. :) We'll come back - just not sure how "soon"!

  2. If we ever move back to the East Coast, we will probably be at your house for every holiday!