Monday, September 12, 2016

Ollie Turned 5!

Okay, yeah yeah, so what if his birthday was over a month ago. We've been busy. But now that I'm at home without them all day, I just have all this time! (Catch the sarcasm there?)

Anyway, Ollie turned 5 last month. And let's just say I'm pretty sure he'd stay this age forever if he could. Lately he's been telling me how he never wants to be an adult. Hahaha. Sorry dude! It happens.

He was pretty excited for this day. Now that's a good Ollie face!

Oh these dolls. He HAD to have one of these little springy guys we saw in Europe. Had to. So he spent some money my parents gave him for one and then picked out another to be given to him on his birthday. The first one's spring was in knots before the day was over. That kid. He can be so incredibly difficult to please. He did like the skateboard, however, so that's something.

C'mon. He's adorable. It saves his life sometimes.

I worked from home, but Chuck and Emily/Ben went to the Dulles Air and Space museum to see, among other things, my dad's helicopter. It was more fun to see it flying. :)

Then after swimming and pizza at the pool, cake!

He seriously is the cutest. I love this little man! Happy birthday to Ollie!


  1. Yay for Ollie's birthday finally making the blog. :) Don't worry, I get it.

    So those are some of the best pictures of Ollie - so cute! I love the one with his skateboard. What a cool dude - as mom would say. :)

    We were lucky to be there!

  2. He looks adorable with his helmet and skateboard.