Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Random Things

This post is less "random thoughts" and more just things that are happening to me. It's all very boring; I promise.

For the fourth time since June, I found adult shoes that fit my feet. This is definitely some kind of miracle. These I found at DSW for only $18, so I'm pretty pleased with myself. Except that it finally decided to become fall here, so sandal season is going to be over pretty soon. Like in December. (Or never, if you're my sister.)

The boys used to eat only cereal for breakfast on the days that I'm home. But because it's only cereal, they were hungry about an hour later. This was terribly inconvenient. So at the beginning of the school year, I instituted a new rule that says they have to eat something else before the cereal. The something else is either some sausage, yogurt with granola, oatmeal, or eggs. THEN they can have that bowl of cereal. I think it's been working. Related: because my boys eat breakfast around 6:30 and don't eat lunch until after 1, they're hungry at school. So right as we're leaving for the bus, I give them one of these energy bites. They LOVE them. Ollie asks me every day if it's a bus day. Thanks Emily! Oh, our most-recent batch was made with butterscotch chips instead of chocolate. Delicious.

Speaking of food, I made this salsa Saturday. Well, mostly the boys made it. But man, this stuff is so just good. I had to buy more chips so it wouldn't go to waste. I prefer this kind of salsa over the chunky, corn-y one preferred by others (cough, cough, my MOM). My boys also love it so score.

Speaking of my mom, my parents got their release date! They'll be home at the end of November. They're excited.

Finally, I'm swimming! Every Friday morning after I watch the boys go to school on the bus, I hope in the car and go to the pool. I had a little routine that I like doing and can feel myself getting better at it already. I still can't swim longer than 200 meters at a time (swimming is freakin' hard!), but it's coming. I'm happy with it. And so happy the boys are in school all day, making this possible.

Oh, and I got another calling, but we'll discuss that after I'm sustained.

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  1. My kids get free breakfast at school - so they get their cereal here at home and then go to school for the rest. :) But I'm super happy your boys love the energy bites - they are delicious!

    Have your feet gotten bigger?! :) Long-live sandal season!

    Salsa looks yummy - I'm going to try it!

    Yeah for mom and dad coming home. We are going to invade them and their home the week before Christmas. Yay for us!

    You are rocking the swimming. You totally have to do a triathlon now. :) Check out the triathamom in utah. Let's do it! Of course I need to learn how to swim . . .