Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2016-2017 School Pictures

Here they are. This concludes what I'm going to do with these ridiculously expensive pictures of some ridiculously cute boys.

Third Grade


P.S. What you don't know is that Rhett wore the exact same shirt for second and third grade school pictures. Ha. Also, this is Ollie's retake after the first one looked a bit, um, shall we say, constipated?! I'm kicking myself that I turned it in before scanning it.

P.P.S. These pictures make five school pictures we've done with LifeTouch. Of the five, I've had issues with TWO. NOT a good track record, LifeTouch.

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  1. My kids are always heartbroken when I send school pictures back, but I NEVER buy them, I opt for real photos of each child when we take our "family pictures" I'm not a total scrooge though, I do buy the CLASS picture and a yearbook every year.