Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Destruction of the Gingerbread Houses

And on New Year's Day (or New Year's Day Observed), we destroy those beautiful gingerbread houses. But not before we salvage all the good stuff off them, like the caramel chimneys, or the airhead ice rink, or all the sour patch kids.

And this year we destroyed mine by sitting on it. Not my most attractive moment. But still.

This is what everything looked like at the end. Another year, another tornado.


  1. Um, that was awesome! So glad you shared it with the blog. :) Hilarious.

    But, man, it was quite well-made - holding up your two boys! Impressive.

    Where's the milk to dip the gingerbread?! That's the best part of the houses, you know. :)

  2. Hilarious! I watched it twice!

  3. hahahhah best thing ever!!!! The kids and I all watched this. That was a well made G B house!!