Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Trip to Arizona

Last week we went to Arizona to visit Chuck's family. The first couple of days were gorgeous, the second couple were cold because we went to the Grand Canyon, and then the last two were rainy. It could have been better, but hey, it could have been worse. We got to hang out with Chuck's oldest brother and his family, I got in some AMAZING runs (one that is included in my top ten runs ever; and one where I almost ran into an elk whilst on the Grand Canyon Rim Trail), and we got to see what the desert looks like when they have a rainy January: green! Oh, and the boys got lots of hot tub time, which they used as pool time because the pool and too cold and they're little enough.

Ollie was clearly not having any of it.

My parents were in St. George and took a "little" detour to come hang out with us for 20 hours! Wahoo!

Thursday morning before the deluge, I took everyone to where I had my top ten run so they could hike some of it. They hiked three miles and didn't complain once. It was amazing. Also, no rattlesnakes, so bonus.

Ollie may not look happy, but that's just the picture. In fact, he requested that we hike eight miles (he changed his mind near the end, but still). But that cactus! So cool.

Arizona is really growing on me. Chuck's parents happen to live in a part where the desert is quite pretty, in my opinion. I feel like we need to experience it in the summer to get a real feel, but then I think, WHY?! Maybe we'll try it in April, so at least the pool will be warm enough to enjoy.


  1. Looks so fun! It makes me really want to take the kids to the Grand Canyon and other cool parks!

  2. Looks really great! And so different from what we are used to - that's probably some of its appeal. And, yes, I think April sounds like the perfect time to go. Next year, perhaps?!

    Yay for hiking kids and awesome runs!

  3. Man, I really miss those awesome cacti!!! I love Ollie and his sass.