Monday, January 2, 2017

Gingerbread Houses

I love making gingerbread houses. This year Chuck and I constructed them in advance so we didn't have to spend that time on Saturday doing it. I was really impressed with Rhett's stamina and skill this year. He had some really creative ideas. I also think it was Ollie's first year doing his own, and he is the king of putting jelly animals on his house. And because I made all the parts and had some leftover dough, I tried to go BIG this year. I won't make that mistake again, even though I liked it. I might, however, try to create something of the same size, just different architecture. I should enlist my brother's help in the design.

Ollie. Gummy sharks, gummy butterflies, gummy worms, gummy...

Chuck. I want to eat that caramel chimney.

Rhett. Notice Santa's sled, coke bottle reindeer, strings of Christmas lights, Santa going down the chimney...

dynamite (three vanilla tootsie rolls) with a lit fuse. Because he's an 8-year-old boy.

Erin. I experimented with stained glass this year and love how it turned out. So easy.

I may used up all my ideas before I got to the back of the house.


  1. So cool - I love them all! Gingerbread houses are the best. :) I do love the stained glass. Did you do them after you baked the gingerbread? Or at the same time - if that makes sense.

    Great job Hubands!