Thursday, August 31, 2017

I Dislike Summer

I really dislike summer. I dislike working every day. I dislike making a lunch for work every day. I dislike missing out on adventures with my boys. I dislike coming home to a (most of the time) messy house. I dislike feeling like I'm still mostly in charge of household duties while working full-time. I dislike how many dishes we have to do with everyone (well, except for me) at home all the time. I dislike the diets of all family members. I dislike how expensive it is, just because doing stuff costs money (I know, not all stuff costs money, but a lot of it does).

Buuuuut, I rather dislike not having any income in the summer. So...

Oh, while I'm being so negative, let me say how much I dislike feeding my children. I think it's the worst part of my life. (Which means I have a good life. I get it.) Next summer, I think it's all cereal, all the time. Just cereal and milk. It's all fortified, right?

School starts on Tuesday! Party!

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  1. Summer drags on a bit too long, I think. Seriously, 6 or 8 weeks would be ideal - for kids and parents alike! So hang in there, you're almost there! And I get the working + managing household duties thing, too. It's hard.

    I'm always soooo tempted to just do cereal night every night in the summer, too. But I just can't bring myself to do it. You do it and tell me how it goes! :)