Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Among the week in California, two days in New York City, and three days in Cape May, New Jersey, we're filling our days with work (me) and play (everyone else). Every year I forget how horrible it is to go to work every day. Blah.

But the boys don't forget how wonderful 11 weeks of free time is. They've been filling their days with the swimming, playing, reading, screen time, and Six Flags. They've got a pretty good life.

Rhett finally lost his top two front teeth. One came out in California, and the other one Chuck barely touched and it fell out. Ollie threw a hard baseball at Rhett's face (sigh) which almost knocked out another tooth, but not quite. I used to joke that Rhett was going to be the only middle-schooler with no front teeth, but I guess not. We're just late bloomers over here. He's also learning how to solve one side of a Rubik's cube. It's one more side than I can do.

Ollie is excited to celebrate his birthday this week. He's also doing this annoying thing where he pouts like crazy when he gets in trouble. I hate it because it makes me look like I'm the one doing something wrong, but NO. I'M NOT.

Chuck and I (no little boys!) are going to NYC for my birthday. I'm so excited for this I can barely handle it.

Hmm....what else has been going on?

  • We got Assateague reservations for next year. Man, was that an ordeal, but with four computers trying for it, we got it. So excited...for something that is happening in 365 days.
  • Chuck and I both got new callings: YM President and Stake Girls Camp Director. Pretty sure you can figure out which of us got which calling.
  • Last weekend we got about 6 inches of rain. We turned it into a craft day. Which meant we also got to teach the boys about Pinterest fails. (We also got to hear Ollie give a perfectly-timed, "Nailed it.")
  • Ollie's school is getting close to being finished! Although sometimes it seems like it'll never be ready in time (teachers will be in there in three weeks).
  • I HATE cooking dinner in summer. It's too hot for hot foods, plus after working all day, I don't have the energy to fight the boys. Based on input from the boys, we developed a menu that is the same every.single.week. And guess what? The boys are still complaining. Tacos? Again??
  • I found a triathlon for me to do! It is next June, but that'll give me time to psych myself into doing the lake swim. Best thing about it: it's in the neighborhood where I went to elementary school!
I go back to part-time the week of the 21st, and then school starts September 5th. I'm counting down the days.

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  1. Um, picture of the toothless Rhett, please. Lucy's teeth still aren't coming in at all!

    Yay for Assateague!

    Yay for new callings!

    Yay for Pinterest and Pinterest fails and "nailed it"s.

    I agree - cooking in summer is no fun. I need to come up with something. . . but seeing as summer is almost over for us, I'll just wait and think about it next year. :)

    That tri sounds awesome! Go you!