Friday, February 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

As I got called out by my cousin on my lack of Christmas-card-creativity (remember though, I never claim to be creative, rather, I'm re-creative), I thought I'd share the inspiration for our holiday card. What you have is a four-month-old me with my two older brothers (ages 8 and 6 at the time) when we were living in Hawaii. What a good looking bunch.

I don't appear to hate it nearly as much as Rhett did.

And just for fun, another picture. Don't I look really mature for my age?


  1. Nice hair Erin :P
    BTW, I loved your holiday card. It came so unexpectedly and it was so hilarious. David loves the picture and points at it and says, bebe (baby in Spanish). We actually still have it on our fridge, very cute.

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  3. wow that was a little scary before i realized the fake hair factor

  4. No, no! I wasn't calling you out...merely expressing what a good memory you have! I think it was an adorable idea! My mom's the one who remembered...impressive if you ask me! So glad you posted that pic! Now I know what she's talking about!