Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recent Email Conversation with My Mom

Me: So emily and I were talking, and since you are the reason that our eyes are horrible, you need to pay for us to get laser eye surgery. Okay? Okay! Thanks in advance!

(a very clever) Mom: Sorry! Can I sue you two for ruining my figure? I got it back after the boys were born, but after having two more kids, I’ve been ruined for life!!!

Me: Hey now, we didn't say anything about suing you! And fiiiiine. We'll just call it even. Your body for our eyes. Sigh. WAIT! Maybe we can sue dad for our thighs???

Mom: Valiant try.


  1. i still think we should win. i mean, there is nothing we could do on our own to make our eyes better. sheeesh!

  2. Cute post! I kinda like the idea your Mom had could you imagine the headlines for that lawsuit!

  3. Hilarious! Your mom is quick!

  4. If you sue your dad let me know, cause I'm pretty sure I could have the same claim. Damn genetics!!!!! :)