Monday, February 2, 2009

An Interesting Proposition

Sandra's TANFFG question (would she rather repeat labor or David's newborn stage) was so interesting to me because I've thought about this quite a bit. For me, pregnancy was fairly easy. I wasn't sick once. I only gained 30 pounds (although, given my height, maybe that's more than I should be okay with). And I didn't feel miserable until about 34-35 weeks, when I think everyone is allowed to feel miserable because you're just too awkward to ever feel comfortable.

And labor? Are you kidding me? I was induced, given drugs, and was able to be awake and enjoy the entire experience. I pushed for only 20 minutes and then the little guy was here! Sure, I hated having all the IVs in me, but they were shortly removed.

Rhett as a newborn...that's another story. I really don't love the baby stage. I know I'm supposed to try to cherish every stage because they change so fast. And yes, I'm seeing that. But I still think that I'm allowed to enjoy some stages more than others. (I think my dad likes me and emily as adults far better than any other stage!) I really think I'll enjoy being a mom to teenagers. I know they're hard, but babies? They might be harder, at least for me. (This is why Young Women is such a better fit for me than Primary!)

When I talked to R about this once, she had the opposite feelings. Her pregnancy was wicked hard. We're not talking your standard issue morning sickness. We're talking morning, evening, night sickness for nine months with hospital visits and IVs tossed in just for fun. Pretty obvious that she hates being prego. But she loves the infant stage. So we came up with this proposal: I'll carry her babies, deliver them, and then give them to her immediately upon birth. And my babies? Same thing: I'll carry them and then give them to her immediately upon birth. She'll keep them for a year and then give them back to me. I'm sooo tempted.

Then again, I'd miss this age...


  1. Dear Cousin of mine-

    I was wondering if you could email me the template of your food calendar that you do. I read it on your blog about how you do it in excel and how to manage your meals and I think it is a fantastic idea!! I just want to be lazy and cut and type. My email is

    Thanks so much! I love your household tips!


  2. Amen.

    I hear you loud and clear. I was just a mess with the whole baby stage. I sat on a chair holding my baby, crying not knowing what to do. The whole experience was by far the hardest thing I've ever done. But this is probably what makes you love them so much, right? After David turned one, started walking and sleeping through the night, life changed for good. I'm LOVING this stage. Just today we went for a walk to the park. It was so nice to hold his hand and have him lead the way. He picked up rocks and sticks and was happy as can be. I love this little guy.

  3. that sounds like a good set-up with you and R!

    i don't like the newbie-newbie stage. once 3 months has passed, though, things get a whole lot better for me.

    but, like i kind of mentioned to you, it changes with kid #2, etc. because you have other things to do and watch - instead of just a crying, hungry blob. :) so it might be a little different next time.