Friday, February 13, 2009

If Tiger Tells Me So...

As the Super Bowl was less than two weeks ago, we've probably all been exposed to a new barrage of ads. I used to think it was silly for companies to spend millions of dollars on advertising. Do the big corporate heads really think that just because Payton Manning tells me to use a MasterCard, I will do so? (Bad example, I actually think Payton is hysterical. "Will you sign this loaf of bread for my brother?" Too funny. But you know what I mean.)

For the first time in my life, however, I am knowingly looking into a product (laser eye surgery) strictly because of its endorser (Tiger Woods). Why would I do this? First, I think Tiger's eyes are very important to him. Yes, yes, they're important to all of us, but certainly they are to him. Second, because he has gazillions of dollars, I think he has the staff required to do research into who would give him the best outcome. It simply becomes: because Tiger chose TLC, I am choosing TLC. And I am not ashamed.

So what about you? Has an endorser ever influenced your decision on which products to use?


  1. I have never fallen for an advertising spokesperson, but I'm with you...I've heard the Tiger Woods eye surgery advertisement and would consider the company for the same reasons you've stated. I assume Tiger's people have done their research and chose the best for him. And I don't think he would have sold his name in advertisements for the cost of the surgery.

    I think the difference here is that we're not being sold a useless product or an optional product. No, you don't have to have eye surgery but if you consider the cost of glasses and/or contacts for the remainder of your life then it's actually cost effective to go with the surgery early in life.

    So I believe this is a unique advertising situation and I would make the exact same decision if I were considering eye surgery.

  2. Oh come on! Don't the Manning brothers and the Williams sisters just make you wanna lick the creme from tour oreo's as fast as you can? I know I do!

  3. i don't know about that. i can't think of anything specific that i've got because i've seen an ad. but there are probably many things that i thought looked cool and would be fun (or yummy), but just never looked further into it.

  4. I'll do anything President Palmer tells me to do (you are not going to get that unless you are a 24 fan)! So I was wondering why you hadn't updated your blog for so long...then I realized I never changed the url on my blog list...nice. Glad to have you up and running again! Congrats on Rhett's first tooth...I'm always sad when that happens to my kids- I think they look cuter without them!