Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another All-New Friendly Friend Question

Because I have nothing else to blog about, I'll talk about me.  (Seriously though, it's the truth.  Nothing is going on.  Church has calmed down.  We're not doing any renovations on the house--well, until Monday.  We're not taking any trips.  And no holidays since Easter.  No celebrity sitings like Rachael.  I haven't even been sewing.  Nothing.)

So here goes.  Question: If I could live anywhere in the United States (assuming I had enough money to do so), where would it be?  (Cue Jeopardy music...)

Answer: Southern California. A few years ago, Chuck and I were fortunate to be able to use a condo near Santa Barbara that my aunt and uncle own. Not only is where they're located gorgeous, but everywhere we went was gorgeous too. It remains one of the happiest-trip memories that we have (second only to Puerto Rico).

In my year tenure as a mother, I've come to realize that my sphere of life is quite small.  Places I visit on a regular basis include the grocery store, the library, church, and the park.  I'm pretty sure they have those things in SoCal.  Check.

But if I had my preference, I'd be outside all year long.  Sure, I can go outside here in January.  But when it's 20 degrees with 80% humidity, it's just not fun.  Okay, then, why would I not go back to Utah where winters are actually enjoyable?  Because with kids, winters are hard.  I don't like being cooped in my house.  I can barely afford to ski, let alone pay for my kids to ski.  I like the idea of having year-round sports for my kids.  I like to not wear jackets!

While this move wouldn't cause result in next-door neighborhood with family (except for my very cool aunt and uncle), my parents and sister would be reachable by car.  It would be a short (well, relatively so) trip to meet my parents in St. George and my sister is just up the road in Colorado. And seeing as though none of Chuck's siblings live anywhere close to each other, it doesn't matter where we go.

Also, SoCal has mountains; sure they might not be as grand as those in Utah or Colorado, but they're there.  And when is the next time I am going to be able to take a four-day backpacking trip anyway?  Let's be honest: I think the most I can hope for over the next 15 or so years is a three-mile hike on one day.  SoCal can give that to me.

Why not, say, Florida then?  One word: humidity.  It's my enemy.  It's the one thing I can say that I loathe. SoCal has only a vague idea of what that word means.

Besides, it just smells good there.

P.S. Check out my fun (and now famous) dad here. He is the un-mentioned man in green on the right. Way to go Dad!


  1. hmmm have you heard about the politic in CA? :)

    I agree that it's hard to entertain kids inside during the winter and we really look forward to spring then loathe the heat and humidity of summer because we can't get outside then, either.

    I spent some time growing up in CA and I do remember being outside all time. I think if that were my biggest motivator, I would choose Hawaii, instead. Perfect weather all year, small island, close community and if you're anywhere around the temple and BYU Hawaii then the religion demographics are about 95% LDS.

  2. politic schmolitic. have you forgotten where we live now?!

    and while i'm 95% with you on HI, the only thing wrong with it is how far away it is from everything. you'd have to fly to do anything, which would be really expensive. but then again, i guess we're talking unlimited funds...

  3. very interesting sis. that's not at all what i would have guessed. but i totally understand why with all your good reasoning. very true.

  4. adorable pic of rhett. by the way do you think you could get me jim's autograph?