Friday, April 17, 2009

Lightning Strikes!

Sometimes really great ideas just come to me. I had one on Sunday and was so excited about it I nearly peed my pants.

Early Sunday afternoon, I was checking my blogs and saw these adorable pictures of my sister's kids celebrating Easter. It made me so sad to think that it will be a very rare occurrence for me to see these events live. Not only will I miss Easter egg hunts, but all the other holiday celebrations as well. I don't like that one bit.

But what to do??? Well let me tell you! At those special times when we do get together, we're going to celebrate all those holidays at that time. That's right: we'll have Easter eggs hunts, birthday parties, make Valentine's day cookies, eat Thanksgiving dinner, open Christmas presents, go trick-or-treating, and light fireworks. We'll choose a holiday and do some fun event from that holiday, one holiday per day . It won't be a huge deal, as that would simply be exhausting. Besides, I can't pack enough crap to carry all the necessary props for this. But how hard would it be to make paper plate masks and have the kids go trick-or-treating at each door in my parents' house?! Doing this would give great photo opportunities, as well as give us something to do.

We're visiting Emily's house in July and I can't wait to catch up on all the holiday celebrations. And if you come to visit my house and I don't see you very often, don't be surprised if we dye eggs in August or have turkey in April.

P.S. If you haven't already, please start watching "Better Off Ted" on TV. It's hysterical and critically-acclaimed, which is why it will likely soon be killed.


  1. you know i love it! i can't wait. i told ben all about it and he thought it a brilliant and fun idea, too. can't wait for july!!!

  2. Emily's blog is so cute! I love yesterdays post about wanting to be Grandma... I laughed so hard! I think every Mom has those days;)