Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Hard Decision

Since moving to our new house and returning to work, I get to travel on the longest escalator in the western hemisphere four times a week (twice down, twice up).  I take great pride in the fact that only twice have I not walked up the moving staircase at the end of my work day.   The first time I stood (instead of trekking the approximate 100 steps) was the second day back to work after Rhett's birth.  I was exhausted: mentally, physically, and emotionally.  The second time I was sick.

But now I'm plagued by the following dilemma.  The station has three escalators. When one breaks down, it is either taken completely out of commission and no one can use it at all, or it's simply turned off so people can continue to walk on it. For the past couple of what-has-seemed-like eons, one escalator has been completely unusable, the second has been stopped, and the third been running upwards. This was fine because I could walk down the second, and trek up the third. But this morning the second escalator was made unusable (unusable!). This means that the third is now stopped. Just so it's clear: my trek up 100 moving stairs is increased to nearly 170 steps.

Let's be honest.  I'm in fairly good shape.  I run regularly and eat, uh, food.  But when I get to the top of my 100-step climb, I'm tired.  My breathing is quickened and I'm ready to be done.   What's this proud girl to do?  Do I attempt the 170 stairs or fight the entire rush-hour train to use the (only) elevator?  Please hurry: I have only 7.5 hours until I make this decision.


  1. Run for it, girl! It will make you smile all day to think that you took the tougher route.

  2. attempt it - who cares if you're out of breath. your body will thank you for it someday. :)

  3. I know what I would do, but you should do the steps! Ha ha!

    I made another little sundress today. I was so proud that I started (ie cut it out) and finished it before Molly awoke from her nap. Wahoo! This was important because the baby shower is tomorrow :) THanks for the pattern!