Monday, May 25, 2009

It's a Major Award!

I ran a four-mile race this morning.  While the important thing is not that I ran it in 35:36 (a minute slower than my time from two years ago but still okay given I haven't been running much due to the three-week sinus infection), nor that I ran it in 72 degree weather (with 88% humidity--no lie, I just checked), but that I won something.

No, I didn't win the entire race, or even my age group (something I don't plan on happening until I'm a golden-ager). BUT this race had a special something to it: along the route little American flags were placed in the ground. We were told to count said flags and the person with the closest count would win! Thanks to Price-is-Right rules, I won with a count of 50 (there were actually 51 and second place guessed 52).

I mean,
hello?! I'm a counter. I count everything. How could I not win this?  I had my choice between an apple lattice pie, a blueberry lemon coffee cake, or a plant of Gerber daisies.  I know, I know.  You're thinking, "uh, erin?  You turned down Gerber daisies?"  And I respond, "uh, did you not see the 4.5-pounder beauty I did choose?"  Either way, there'll be no remnants of my prize in about a week.  But I'll have much more fun destroying the pie. 


  1. congratulations!!! The pie does look super delicious, I could see where you would struggle over the daisies, though :P

  2. Congrats! After burning all those calories, you deserve to eat pie.

  3. dad and mom told me about your run, so i was excited to check out the details. how fun is that?! i love the counting of the flags and, especially, that you won. :) arsome.

    your time is still great, though! better than i would do. very good.

  4. mmmm. I love pie! You lucky girl, you!

  5. congrats! what a neat idea and good for you.