Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Countertops

They're in! We're happy!

Countertops before...

Countertops after...

A close up of the concrete...

I can't wait to just swipe crumbs into that sink. No more lip!

P.S. Everyone saw this funny Jimmy Kimmel video about parents eating their kids' Halloween candy, yes? So funny.

P.P.S. I think those responsible for instituting daylight saving time could not have been directly responsible for the rearing of small children. And to think, "fall back" used to be the one I anticipated!


  1. Oh my, I finally watched the video clip. Hilarious. And sad. Those poor kids. Madeleine continues to amaze me by self-regulating to one piece a day. Awesome! Too bad I eat 3 pieces of hers a day and don't tell her...

    Good luck with "fall back!"

  2. P.S. very nice looking counters!!!!

  3. Oh, love the new countertops. Did they pour the concrete in your home or were they molded outside of your home and then installed? (I've only seen them measured and poured in place, that's why I ask).

    I love the sink, too! I wish we had installed a similar sink when we remodeled the kitchen a few years ago.

    I really look forward to the fall back, even with little kids. I have a hard time getting up when it is still dark outside so even though the kids sleep in, I also sleep in and then all day I feel like I'm behind schedule. I hope your boys adjust well in the next week :)

  4. they are so super great! i love the look. i am so happy for you that you have no lip - so worth it right then and there!

  5. how fun! new updated things bring such a contended feeling when all is finished. The color/style looks great. we have an older corian countertop and I love love love the seamless sink and "mono faucet".

    and that halloween candy video. oh I am still laughing so hard. my kids would've been the instant fall apart ones. those last two brothers were the funniest though because they were so composed about it.

  6. AWESOME. Love the look and love that you can now swipe crumbs into the sink. ;)

    Oh and CONGRATS to your parents, I cannot believe it. WOW. Awesome.