Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

What our family is thankful for this year (among other things, of course):

1. The healthy birth of his second son.
2. Good health insurance.

1. Giving birth to Ollie in the way I never knew I wanted.
2. I was going to say Chuck's job, but turns out I used that last year. Dang. I will forever be grateful for it. Okay then. I am grateful for my return to running.

1. Bruno and his sticking out tongue.
2. His Little People.

1. Family.
2. His three favorite foods: his hands, burp cloths, and formula (in that order).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Can you tell that Rhett's shirt is the Mayflower on the ocean? How about now?


  1. Oh laws... that is just beautiful! Those boys are adorable. The wet hair, the cute onesie and shirt... Happy Thanksgiving you guys!

    We're grateful for our friendship!

  2. great list of thankful-fors. and oh those are the most adorable boys in the most adorable shirts! too, too, too cute. seriously, so great.

  3. Love Ollie's turkey onesie! ha!

  4. So cute! I loved the onesie and shirt for the boys!! Very festive.